Origin Story

You haven’t even begun to realize what your potential is, what your brain and body and life are capable of.

I’m a NASM-CPT, writer, speaker, biohacker and suicide/coma/brain injury and CPTSD survivor. If there’s something I’ve learned on my journey of recovering from trauma, it’s that women are powerful and resilient beyond imagining.

Almost like superheroes.

And feeling in control over our own biology, our minds and our lives is the foundation to trauma recovery. Consider me a guinea pig, guide, and journalist that experiments to find what biohacking and wellness methods work for me, and then reports it back to you.

I love being in my “lab”, trying new things with my body, brain, and spirit. If I can find and report on even one small, easy change you can implement to help you feel more powerful, present , beautiful and energetic, then I’ve fulfilled my mission.

But since I’m not a doctor, don’t be foolish and try anything until you’ve talked to a trustworthy (and hopefully trauma-informed) physician about anything you’ve got going on that needs to be looked at, or any questions you have about a health issue.

Corrie Brundage

 Pablo Picasso