Origin Story

You haven’t even begun to realize what your potential is, what your brain and body and life are capable of.

I’m a former personal trainer, ex-model, published novelist, and suicide/coma/brain injury survivor. If there’s something I’ve learned on this crazy trip, it’s that women are powerful and resilient beyond imagining.

Almost like superheroes.

Getting that information to you, in entertaining tidbits, is my mission.

I’ve experimented with so many different health, fitness and beauty fads, it’s a wonder I’m not being studied in a lab somewhere.

What I’ve found is that the health industry and scientific community are keeping some of the coolest stuff off-the-grid. In addition to all the amazing things your cells are capable of are your brain’s (and mind’s) ability to drastically change itself for the better. It takes discipline, but that’s what I’m here for- to motivate you!

But pssst- don’t be foolish, and talk to a great physician about anything you’ve got going on that needs to be looked at, or any questions you have about a health issue.

Corrie Brundage

 Pablo Picasso