Biohack Your Bliss: Female Potential Program

Fiercely Original Women Seeking A Lifestyle Evolution…not your Grandma’s Glow-Up

Are you a woman with some success and unique abilities, but you haven’t quite reached your fullest potential? Or maybe you’re a late bloomer like me…

*You’ve either given up on romance, or you feel totally stuck with what you’ve tried and are losing hope.

*Your health is good, but you’ve got some stubborn issues that never seem to resolve, and visits to the doctor feel like a scary trip to the Principal’s office

*You busted your ass for your career, but you feel a longing for more fulfillment

*You’re ready to make true self-care a priority and need a plan to GLOW UP

*You’re ready to re-wire your mental critics and voices of fear to an inner strength you’ve never experienced before

*You’re done with tired, condescending healthy lifestyle advice and want something cutting edge but actionable and legit


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Not ready to biohack your bliss? A full lifestyle program might not be what you’re ready for (and I need you to be ready) but what if you’ve got a stubborn issue and don’t know where to turn? Or maybe you’ve got an issue I’m not able or qualified to help with.

I can be your Referral Fairy.

That means for a small fee I’ll do the research to find you the people, services, or resources so you can get help. 

Yep, I’ll even do that within your state’s guidelines or your insurance network. Books, groups, blogs, coaches…whatever resources you need to start addressing your health or lifestyle issue.