7 Easy Sculpting Yoga Poses for Lazy Dieters

You overhauled your diet and now…you don’t have the energy to workout, or even do yoga.

What gives?

Adjusting to a new low-carb diet, or even intermittent fasting can be a process, although it’s totally doable. But the way your body uses energy can be a noticeable change and if you’ve always trained to push yourself hard, this lack of energy might be frustrating.

What you should NOT do is push yourself past your fatigue during the adjustment phase. Nor should you sit around being lethargic, waiting for the steady energy that keto promises to kick in.

Psst: If you are truly ready to kick up your training a notch and wanna get scientific with it, head over to this blog to learn about the overload principle and how to implement it. But beware, it’s not for beginners!

If you’re more of a beginner and you’ve got fitness goals, your lethargy shouldn’t keep you from them, but it should inform some adjustments.

Enter the yoga sequence that will challenge your muscular strength and tone while chilling you out AND improve flexibility.

All without burning you out on those days when you’re just not feeling it.

Read on for the full sequence that will fire up your glutes, core, and arms but not your sleepiness.

Do 2-3 rounds of this sequence.

Plank into negative push-up:

From plank position, lower yourself to your chest on a slow count of 4 to really feel the challenge. Push back up into plank quickly (use your knees if you must) and repeat the slow lowering for a total set of 8 plank push-ups. Transition into a downward facing dog to recover for a moment before moving to the next pose.

Chair pose with twist on both sides:

Come down into chair pose as deep into your seat as you can, arms overhead. Slowly twist to your right side with hands in prayer position at your chest and hold for a count of 3, then bring your arms up while still in chair pose to rotate off towards your left to repeat. To really get a burn, hold your chair pose in between twists for a slow count of 3. Repeat each side 6 times, for a total of 12 reps. Transition back into downward facing dog to prepare for the next move.

Single leg down dog with knee to chest variations:

From your down dog, kick up one leg as high and straight behind you as possible, then flow that same leg, knee in, to your elbow. Bring the leg back up, high and straight, then flow in to your opposite elbow. One more time, kick back your leg and flow it in to the center of your chest. Place that leg back into down dog and repeat this sequence on the opposite side. Try for 3 sets on each side. Remember! Keep this flow sloooowwwww. Transition back into downward facing dog to reset.

Tricep push-up with slow negative:

We aren’t done with those triceps yet! You can do these on your knees so that your form is perfect, but ideally you should challenge all or some of these tricep negatives.  In a high plank, lower your chest to the floor on a slow count of 3, keeping your elbows tucked in so they don’t flare out, then come up in a low cobra, back into downdog, then repeat into the tricep slow negative. Try for a set of 6-8 reps. Come back into downward facing dog before walking your arms back to come into standing.

High Lunge:

Get ready for some burn n shake, which is what you came for! Step back your right leg into a lunge, your front leg also bent, and bring your arms up above, in line with your ears. Hold. When you don’t think you can continue the hold, play around with a twist like in chair pose, and see if that can deepen the burn. Come back up into standing, then repeat on the other side. REMEMBER, your breath is what ties all of these flows together, so be with it. Count with it but also connect to it. Yeah, easier said than done but you’ll appreciate the calming effect. Do each side for sets of 3, making that 6 total. Come back into standing and prepare for the next pose.


Warrior 3:

This is your single leg standing hold. Bring up your right leg as you bend forward at the waist. Flex your right foot so it points down and maintain your hips in a “squared” position so that one isn’t higher than the other. Bring your arms out in front of you, in a straight “superman” line. If you’re feeling balanced, try lifting and lowering your leg 3 times slowly to really fire up the back of your leg. Repeat on the opposite side, and aim to do 3 sets on each side, with 6 sets total. Come back into standing to prepare for the next pose.


Bridge Pose:

Come down onto your back and place your feet close to your bum. Lift up through your hips while keeping your head, neck, and shoulders on the ground. Bring your hands and arms in a bit closer, and lift up even higher. Squeeze your thighs together and lift your heels to come onto your toes. Hold. And really be with this burn, because your mind will tell you it sucks but you’re in charge. Try to complete 5 breaths slowly, then lower back down to the ground and repeat this 3 times.


I hope you found this flow useful. I promise, if you can commit to some movement each day, you’ll feel better and the fatigue will resolve faster. It’s magic.

That’s it, tired, hangry yogis! Let me know how this went, and if you know other women feeling sluggish, re-pin to show the yoga love for all!

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