26 Unusual and Affordable Skin Care Hacks That Actually Work

Looking for skin health hacks that aren’t the same, ineffective advice or won’t break the bank?

Got stubborn skincare issues that have caused you misery for years?

You’re in the right place.

You know the old saying: the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well, your skin is the window to your lifestyle.

Every issue, whether it be nutritional, stress-related, or hormonal, can (and often will)  show up on your skin.

Hard living equals sad skin?


Late nights and boozy brunches will also take their toll, keeping your skin the bane of your existence.

Often, our long term skin issues are a result of the hardcore, stressful lifestyles we are leading.

You can easily learn to treat it (and you) with love, respect, and a sense of gratitude for all the powerful, badass things it does for you. All without destroying your bank account…or your faith in science.

I’ve listed a lifetime of skincare experimentation here (my skin used to be a real pain, too) along with legit, new biohacks and trusted old-school methods that can help you target your skin health issues…while also encouraging self-care.

You’ll be back to your glowing goddess self in no time.

You won’t find many of these tips on other health blogs…some of these have been my best-kept secrets.

And, this is just a starter list. I’ve got way more hacks to wow you with in future posts!

Oily/Acne Prone Skin:

  1. Probiotics- I’m leading with this tip because although probiotics and gut health have become popular buzzwords, people still don’t realize how vital their microbiome is to their skin health. Even weirder? You can put beneficial bacteria on your skin, too. I tried Mother Dirt spray and noted an immediate reduction in oiliness.
  2. Add into your diet some fermented foods like kimchi, kombucha, and sauerkraut to further support your skin health. Another good skin food is Japanese Natto- fermented soy beans. You can use the powdered version in a smoothie for additional health benefits like anti-aging and Vitamin K for cardiovascular health.  insert image of fermented gourmet food
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar- Not just for Keto dieters! Some people like to add this to face masks for oily/acne skin, but I prefer to ingest it daily after meals. Not only can it add even more support for your gut health but it also seems to stabilize the insulin spikes that can lead to skinflammation. Yep, high blood sugar does your acne no favors.
  4. Tea Tree oil- this is a potent essential oil that’s gotten popular in recent years. And for good reason! Its antimicrobial and healing properties make it an easy, natural way to target blemishes. I find it works best for the more painful, monthly cystic varieties. Be careful though, you need to dilute this oil if using it over larger areas.
  5. Light therapy- nope, I’m not going to link you to an expensive device (not yet, anyway.) We have a free light resource called the Sun, our old parent star. But wait, you’re thinking…sun will damage my skin! Yep, during certain times of the day and if you’re unprotected in it for too long. You do need sunlight, and the best time is around 7 or 8 am. I like to do 10 minutes of sun exposure at around 7 am. Then another 10 sprinkled throughout the day. But why? Well, for the purpose of this blog, I won’t go too in-depth on light science, but vitamin D is essential for skin health. It’s been shown to decrease oiliness and skinflammation like acne.
  6. Sleep quality- yeah yeah, I know. Everyone says this and you still don’t really think it can have that much of an effect. Well…it can. Your skin cannot heal properly from daily toxin exposures, stress, makeup, etc, if it’s not allowed to restore during sleep. Stay off your devices after 8 pm or wear some blue light blockers- that blue light is disrupting your body’s ability to produce melatonin and you can’t sleep deeply without that!  
  7. Omega 3 fatty acids- you really need this in your diet! Natural sources like avocados, wild caught salmon and organic walnuts are ideal, but you can also supplement with a high quality fish oil. Weird fact- your skin cells and brain cells are very similar, so what’s good for your brain is good for your skin, too.
  8. Green tea- drink this daily and notice a decrease in oil production and breakouts. I prefer matcha tea- the neon green, stone-ground variety. (Keep reading for a hack to your skin hack using green tea.)

Tired/Dry/Aging Skin:

  1. You know coffee is your savior every morning, right? Well, it can be for your face, too!

  2. Now for some bad news- sometimes drinking coffee can make your dull, tired and cranky skin not too happy due to cortisol spikes. That’s a major stress hormone that our modern bodies tend to produce too much of. But, there’s a solution! Try the Bulletproof method. It might seem super gross to blend ghee and MCT oil into your morning brew, but I’m liking it and seeing great health benefits. It supplies a much steadier level of energy without the spikes.

  3. Ice- Cryotherapy facials are all the rage right now, and for good reason. Nothing reduces inflammation and saggy tiredness faster than a jolt of extreme cold. But if you’re looking for a DIY version, just grab some cubes from your freezer and perk yourself up by sliding them over your face and neck for a few minutes. Don’t overdo it- frostbite isn’t a good look.
  4. Mango mask- This is both a tasty, healthy and effective treatment for dull skin. The nutrients in these ingredients are potent, plus you can eat the leftovers!

  5. Yoga poses for facial blood flow- Who knew that downward facing dog could perk up your tired cheeks? Getting your circulation going will benefit your complexion, and there’s an anti-gravity effect to being inverted for periods of time (hello, natural facelift!) Side benefit: blood flow to your brain is always a good thing.
  6. No matter your actual age, cell turnover via exfoliation is essential for maintaining healthy skin. While there are myriad high quality and expensive scrubs on the market, why not head over to ebay and try out some cheap microfiber cloths? You only need warm water to get a good, gentle scrub (don’t overdo the pressure on your skin, though. These cloths can be powerful.) Look for microfiber manufactured in South Korea or Japan. An 80/20 blend is ideal, and try a longer/shaggier cloth for makeup removal with the oil cleansing method, and a shorter/nubbier blend for buffing away flakes.
  7. Collagen- don’t just slather this stuff on your face, because finding a serum that manufactures a cream with the proper sized collagen molecules is quite difficult. You want to ingest the collagen for skin benefits, and it can also boost your gut, joint, and hair health. Be sure to get a grassfed version, or you can try marine collagen.
  8. Microneedling- DIY dermaneedling is a real thing these days, but doing it properly and with the right needles is essential for great results. You also want to use optimum products to support the process, so stick to Vitamin C serums and copper serums. Don’t forget to properly disinfect!

    quick how-to
  9. Light therapy (again)- I swear by my red/infrared light panel. It’s a hefty investment, though, and good for those serious about addressing other health issues. If you’re just wanting to treat your facial skin, check out these red/infrared bulbs from Ruby Lux. You can get two affordable bulbs, set them up easily, and treat your skin daily. This is NASA-backed anti-aging at its finest.
  10. Green Tea- I promised a ‘secret hack‘, and here it is: slather on a thin layer of matcha tea mixed with aloe or glycerin, wait 20 minutes, and then sit in front of your red light. This article explains this hack along with other skin benefits when treating with red light therapy.

  11. DIY coconut oil treatments- this stuff seems to be an all-purpose super star. While I’m skeptical that it can cure anything, it does seem to have legit holistic benefits, especially for skin.

    how-to DIY
  12. Sunscreen- I promise I’m not contradicting myself. You need small doses of daily sunlight, but the rest of the day, you need to protect your skin from the aging effects of UV rays. However, many sunscreens are loaded with questionable ingredients, so again we can turn to natural ingredients for that. Safe for kids, too.

    how-to DIY
  13. Daily green smoothies- How is this a skin care hack? Well, you are what you eat. And sometimes, we don’t have time to prepare a meal loaded with all the veggies and other goodies our skin and bodies need. A simple, effective and fast way to chug some vital nutrients is to blend up a power smoothie.

Hyperpigmentation/Uneven Tone:

  1. Sugar scrubs- I would never encourage you to ingest sugar, but when it comes to your skin, this stuff is a triple-duty results-getter! The sugar particles are a gentle manual exfoliant, while the molecules themselves act as humectants (attracting moisture) and possess natural hydroxy acids (the chemical exfoliants that help your skin slough dead cells.)

https://www.chasingfoxes.com/awesome-scrubs-for-beautiful-skin/DIY scrubs

2. Turmeric- This is a great supplement to take internally, too. But for our purposes, we can use this to even out skin tone and fade dark spots. Mix this powder into some organic yogurt and wait 30 minutes for the glow.

How-to Mask

3) Powerful DIY Microdermabrasion- Ok so, you won’t want to do this treatment more than once a week, and I recommend using your red lights immediately after to speed up the healing of any irritation. You’ll need 3 tbsp baking soda, (NOT baking powder) and 1 tbsp water. Mix into paste, until smooth. Then gently massage into skin for a couple of minutes, then let the paste sit on your skin for 5 minutes. Wash off and see the immediate evening of skin tone.

4) Tomato for dark spots- Really. All you need are some organic tomatoes, slice them up, and sit them on your face for about an hour. Tomatoes are loaded with effective skin lightening and other healing qualities such as lycopene and malic acid. Blend up some tomatoes with lemon juice for an even more potent, natural skin lightener.

5) Two of my fav supplements that do double duty as body support AND skin saviors- Ok so, this tip isn’t necessarily related to anything else in this post, but I want to give you the stuff that I’ve found to work not just for me, but other health nerds and biohackers, too. Since supplements can be tricky and actually speed up oxidative stress that antioxidants are supposed to help, I don’t recommend too many supplements. Still, there are a few that can really kick your glow up a notch or two. Glutathione and MitoQ have been a power duo for me. Since MitoQ is pretty expensive, I have found that a high quality Ubiquinone or PQQ supplement will suffice. You’ll also want a liposomal glutathione, so that it survives your stomach.

As I said, this list is far from comprehensive, but I hope I’ve both piqued your interest in further tips and tricks as well as shown you that effective skincare can combine weird science with homey, old-school methods without complicating your life or your income.

If you’ve got shero-divas in your life who need some skin support, re-pin this knowledge and spread the love!

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