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"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

Super Sheroes and Wonder Women...

Comic book heroes are either born or they’re made, but their origins are usually the result of weird (but legit) science experiments mixed with a dash of magic. I’m here to tell you, you have the same potential…


You’re already a goddess. But even goddesses need skin care tips and spa days.


Food is your rocket fuel. You can’t take over the world (or your life) without the proper nutrition.


Meditation, brain health, and how to improve your mood…


Got superpowers? You will soon…yoga, strength training, and everything in-between…

Origin story

Hey, I’m Corrie and it’s kind of a miracle I’m sitting here to type this.

Not long ago, I survived a suicide attempt with a resulting coma and brain injury. My attempt was the result of lifelong trauma (CPTSD) which had never been properly addressed.

Much of traditional Western medicine approaches had failed me. And after being told I would be “mentally ill” for the rest of my life, I got creative in my recovery.

I’d always been a huge health and fitness nerd (I am a NASM-CPT), but the second chance I’d gotten with life led me to research and experiment with off-the-grid biohacking and neurohacking protocols to rebuild my brain, body, and spirit. 

I combined my understanding of how my body evolved with where medicine and science are going in the future, but I couldn’t forget the spiritual element, too.

The most important knowledge that I’ve gained is to filter every health and recovery approach through a trauma-informed lens. Most people, and certainly most women, have some form of trauma. The health and wellness industries, along with self-help and spiritual practices, aren’t usually trauma-informed. Even our dating and relationship advice isn’t often trauma-informed! And since trauma has very distinct results and patterns in the female body, brain and spirit, most of what we learn and use doesn’t work as well as we would like- because it doesn’t address the roots of our trauma.

My mission is to empower women to be in compassionate and curious relationship with their resilient, amazing bodies, and to find their own path to wholeness.


"In a world of ordinary mortals, you are a wonder woman."

“I am not afraid. I was born to do this.”

-Joan d’Arc

Disclaimer: I am NOT a licensed physician or health care provider.  I am all about empowering  women to accept their body’s autonomy, and to become curious with what works for them. I also want women to be excited about what’s on the horizon with medicine. Research, experimentation, and the glories of human potential are all things to be excited about.  BUT! I absolutely love true healers who practice true medicine, so if you have an issue that requires a Medical Doctor, or any healthcare provider- GO GET HELP. What I’d love to do is help you figure out how to find an amazing doctor who works with you and listens to you, so if you need guidance with that, let me know! Honestly, there’s nothing better than a single, tall and wavy-haired veterinary neurosurgeon who writes stand-up comedy on the weekends…so if you see one, send him my way. 😉